The Best-Selling Legal Thrillers from "a Writer Who's Been There."

Harmful Intent

"Stylish. Compelling. Suspenseful."

A courageous working-class mother confronts a rich, influential doctor in a dramatic trial that changes everyone involved.

Attorney Peter Moss had sworn not to take another malpractice case. The legal system was a rigged game. But now he has a chance to even the score.

Baine Kerr

Baine Kerr

Wrongful Death

"Gripping. Moving. Chilling."

A nightmarish locomotive accident, a deadly love, and mass murder in a hospital on the other side of the world.

Attorney Elliott Stone has to piece together this murderous puzzle.

One question: how does good do evil?


Kerr is "skilled beyond" other lawyer-novelists "because he can write." -- Honolulu Advertiser

Praise for Harmful Intent

"Readers will be riveted." -- Publishers Weekly

"Enough plot twists to keep readers guessing all the way to the end." -- Chicago Tribune

"The best novel about a trial that I've read since Snow Falling on Cedars." -- Scott Turow

"Never let me go ... stylish and convincing ... a talented writer with a terrific feel for the courtroom." -- Richard North Patterson

"Compelling." -- Kirkus Reviews 

"Suspenseful twists and turns, ...  for insight into the inner circles of law and medicine, Harmful Intent delivers. ... Fun, fast, and often poetic ... an inside scoop on legal wrangling." -- Rocky Mountain News

"You ought to read this." -- Honolulu Advertiser 

"A fascinating story of relationships, medical ethics, and behind-the-scenes legal and courtroom activities." -- Booklist 

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Praise for Wrongful Death

"A terrific book ... a rare look at how the mechanisms of the law ... fit themselves around moral ambiguity." -- Molly Ivins

"Gripping -- and moving -- from the first page to the last." -- Scott Turow

"The chilling ring of truth." -- The Denver Post 

"A strong and very moving tale ... The book's climax is a superbly rendered trial sequence ... a stunning and inspiring read." -- Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"A tour-de-force cross examination and a provocative meditation on vanity, betrayal, and evil." -- Kirkus Reviews 

"One of those rare works by a writer who's been there. " -- Gerry Spence

"Kerr pulls it all together with such flair, you can only sit back in amazement and admiration. ... The next time I hear somebody claiming that men can’t write women, I’ll hand them this book." -- Rosina Lippi 

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Jumping-Off Place

Baine Kerr's Acclaimed Collection of Short Stories

Four stories that severally and together create a fiction of the modern West. Drawing on the theme of western journeys into terrae incognitae, on a Melvillian concept of the elemental incarnated in the western land, these stories comprise a fiction that presses the limits of the short story form. 

Read "Rider," a "Best American Short Story" included in Jumping-Off Place.

“'Rider' is a splendid story, full of place, and full also of a sort of ethical puzzlement that reminds me of [Herman Melville’s] 'Bartleby the Scrivener.'” -- Wallace Stegner

"Kerr's stories are fictions of quests and discoveries … extremely satisfying … beautifully written, richly conceived, and soundly executed." -- John Williams, winner of the National Book Award and best-selling author of Stoner

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Doudty Draw, Boulder. Photo by  Jeff Long

Doudty Draw, Boulder. Photo by Jeff Long